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About Us

About Us

About Us

Stoniez are digital collectibles that give you exclusive access and interaction with the cannabis industry, and the like minded community via Cannalife culture app. With Stoniez you’re collecting digital assets that can be transferred, traded and sold. If you hold though, unlimited incentives, rewards, networking and more are in your hands as the road maps move forward! The best part? Stoniez doesn’t just represent cannabis, they also represent the lifestyle of their owner.

Phase 1

The first stop on our Road Map is building the community. This is where we need your help. The more people we have that mint an NFT, plus subscribe to and join the app, the more fun we can have giving stuff away; setting up all the heady shit we have planned for the community! When you mint, it will automatically place you in our community, that you've helped build.

Phase 2

By Minting, you will get the first notification of of all things Stonie'z NFT and Cannalife Culture Co! With your purchase, you will also be the first to get exclusive access to Cannalife Culture App. This will not only be the platform which connects our community, it will also be an open social media platform for your friends and family 

Phase 3

After a successful completion of the first stop of our Road map, we plan on reinvesting a majority portion of the money back into our project; in order to continue on with the great things we have planned for the future. This will include cannabis farm tours, Cannabis tech and education classes plus cert opportunity, dispensary perks, merch, trading cards, community voted charity donations, event invitations, content creation, games, and so much more! So be sure to hold on to your NFTs because as time goes on and more collections come out, your NFT could be the next highly sought after collectible! As long as you own an NFT, we will give you a reason to keep it! If you want to sell it though, then you can still come out a winner!

Phase 4

Coming Soon.

Ricky G


Eric S


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. NFTs can represent digital or real-world items like artwork and real estate.

NFTs are individual tokens with valuable information stored in them. Because they hold a value primarily set by the market and demand, they can be bought and sold just like other physical types of art. NFTs’ unique data makes it easy to verify and validate their ownership and the transfer of tokens between owners.

Stoniez are virtual cannabis seeds that will grow with each road map/stage of growth, harvesting, and processing. Brand collections with specific strains or drops they want to release in dispensaries will be created as well. Dispensaries or any company can collaborate on a collection with us, where utility is provided to the community. All Stoniez NFTs will act as a ticket to any of our events as long as you are a holder. All Stoniez NFTs will have further utility than just event access, we are bringing the giveaways, entertainment, merch and so much more!

Stoneiz can be bought on our website StoniezNFTs.com  or on our secondary market Opensea.

Stoniez NFTs are strictly utility based. This means, merch, discounts, event invitations, airdrops, whitelist priority on future collections, voting power on upcoming plans for the NFT collection, tours, exclusive content access plus verified account on our cannabis social media marketplace app, Cannalife Culture App. 

Ricky G. aka JetLifeFly aka Jet aka Jetty, and Eric S. aka NV aka MRNV aka E aka The Director were both born and raised in Austin, Texas. Although we have known each other since we were kids, it wasn’t until adulthood where we would become great friends and business partners. Throughout our lives cannabis has alway been a big part of everyday life. Over time NV went down his path of content creation, building media presence, and creating stories in motion through music and film. Jet went down a different path of military service, and sales, to then working in the Washington State cannabis industry starting in 2015. During that time each of us would gather knowledge, build networks and immerse ourselves into the communities we were now part of. Through these experiences we started to ask ourselves how we could make the communities we were part of better, more connected and incentivized for everyone. The solution came out in the form of Stoniez NFTs, powered by our parent brand CannaLife Culture Co. Through these two avenues we plan on building the start of an ecosystem for the community they we ourselves are part of. This ecosystem will allow people to utilize web2 and web3 tools to promote themselves and their brands while having fun on a social media app which will only grow as laws relax over time. Build the community now, advocate for our plant, build the foundation the community needs in order to come together, grow into the future and have fun doing it!

  • The community will have voting power at critical moments and various other points we feel are necessary. We are only as good as the community is strong. So every voice will be heard.


  • We chose the Ethereum blockchain because its one of the safest and most established blockchains. We like what they envision the future can be for crypto and we feel that value and confidence in their token will help purchasers of our NFTs feel the same in our collection, which can only be bought using ETH

Trusting collections is very hard because of so many failed and misled projects. I ask you for your trust in purchasing our collection because we are in the same community and just as invested. We aren’t corporate money, we don’t have any handlers or money coming in from behind the scenes. This collection has been 100% paid for by Jet, and created by both NV and Jet. Jet has also invested $100,000 of his own money to create “CannaLife Culture App”, the Cannabis Social Media – marketplace, mobile app. Our motto is always “What can we do for the community”. Working in the cannabis industry has really opened our  eyes to not only what the brands need to be successful, but what the community wants in order to enjoy weed, how we want to enjoy it and network with the brands and the community how we want to.

    • The money we receive will be used in a few different ways:
    1. 30% toward Paying the creators, for the first collection. We want to be as transparent as possible because we want these collections to grow and be examples of what NFTs and crypto can be used for on a real world scale. This means, paying back ourselves so we can pay our bills, and continue to devote 100% of our time to the projects, community and future. The 30% split will reduce to 20% on future collections because one of our original artists will no longer create with us. We will seek other known and established artists in the NFT space and in general to collaborate with in the future. 
    2. 70% and the majority of revenue created will go toward the current road map promises, future road map creation, innovation/production and perks for the community. Portions of this money will also go to charity and other plans the community votes on. With each collection and road map, we plan on keeping the structure of the financials the same. The 70% split will increase to 80% after the first collection. This Means more money for the brand to grow and work to be done on future/current collection promises. 
    3. So at a price of .098 ETH per NFT, this translates into roughly $120 USD. Our first collection is 10,000 variations of our 23 1 of 1 strains. This equals 1.2 million dollars —> 30% = $360,000 for creator payment. 70% = $840,000 for the current operation and future of Stoniez collections.
  • Stoniez can be found at StoniezNFTs.com or on Opensea.
  • Twitter account: @StoniezNFT 
  • IG account: @StoniezNFT 
  • Reddit account: @StoniezNFTs 
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/F3h3ddA3SV
  • Facebook: @CannaLifeCultureCo 
  • StoniezNFTs.com